Friday, November 18, 2005


me & mike at the counts party so. here are some remainder pics that never got blogged because i got too busy and i don't blog from work anymore. counts party, the bell orchestre show & afterparty pics. As for the weekend plans: tonight there's an opening at pammy's gallery before she drives across the country for her friend wyatt. sammy will be bartending. come on down. says troublebrass: friday evening i will be bartending at the opening at roebling hall. in brooklyn. s.4th and wythe. pam's friend wyatt is showing his work. i hear it is good. okay. also, there will be a lovely performance at stay gold gallery, a benefit for a play about cancer which the incredible jane lecroy and lauren fardig among others. deets. also tonight:
MANHATTAN! Opening reception:
Friday, November 18 7-10 p.m. 100 Lafayette
100 Lafayette St. at Walker St. (Just below Canal)
Please come celebrate the 10th anniversary of with a group show featuring the works of over 50 New York City-based artists, curated by Carol Lee. November 18 - December 17, 2005
For more information, go to
China Chalet
47 Broadway, 2nd Fl. (One Block below Wall St.)
** Stay tuned and keep your calendars open for screenings of films by Michel Auder and "Maestro" by Josell Ramos.
Dates to be announced.
Amstel Light, Red Bull, the A-Team, the girls of WildCat & the boys at SPH
ALSO, DAVE P BRINGS SOME CRAZY SWEDES FOR LATE NIGHT MUSIC FUN AT DON HILL'S. COME ON THROUGH. DEETS. SATURDAY IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO CHILL AT THE END OF THE HIGH LINE: LAST CHANCE - The Plain of Heaven is going out with a bang this weekend with a magic cow, a Water Thief, and deconstructed organ music. Don’t risk the self-loathing you’re sure to experience if you miss this show. 820 Washington Street (Meat Packing District) Friday – Sunday, Noon-6pm. SPECIAL EVENTS: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2PM ARTIST CONVERSATIONS with COREY MCCORKLE and PAUL RAMIREZ JONAS Corey McCorkle will share tales of his pilgrimage to Cambodia to find and film Preah, a Cow known to possess magical healing powers. Keeping with his interest in utopian ideas of nature and transcendence, the artist explores the power and vulnerability of belief in a setting where the subject is more tyically identified as a perishable commodity. Paul Ramirez Jonas exposes the fallibility of our efforts to preserve ideas and their resistance to permanence with Water Thief. The project features an unfired decaying clay tablet and an updated version of a Roman water clock calibrated to mark the time of the show. Beginning to drip at the opening on October 14th, the water clock empties its last drop this Sunday at 6 pm. SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 5:40-6:00 PM TRISHA DONNELLY During the last 20 minutes of exhibition, Trisha Donnelly’s organ sound installation will blast through the space for this singular presentation. Evoking medieval church music, as well as fantasy and science fiction films, the piece begins as a kind of retro-futurist heavenly prelude, at times mysterious and discordant, then epically grand, mournful, celebratory, brooding and ecstatic. Emanating from speakers placed in the heart of the building, the organ music will wind its way through the decaying architecture, elegizing the building, the exhibition, and Donnelly’s work itself—before each fully vanishes. Join Creative Time for a closing drink! 6 - 7 PM HAPPY HOUR Brass Monkey 55 Little West 12th Street (Washington and West Side Highway)


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