Monday, November 21, 2005


TODD P, who looks remarkably like a smaller version of Joaquin Phoenix SAYS: hey y'all - * if anyone would like to make a donation to help offset DMBQ & Michelle Panache's travel & medical expenses following their tragic car accident, pls send PayPal donations to --> or go to for a direct link. so - TONITE - Monday the 21st --> Matt & Kim - BARR - Hawnay Troof -and- Hey Willpower @ GLASSHOUSE. Matt & Kim are one of the most energetic and fun live bands in New York City right now - belting out ridiculously catchy tunes over keyboards and drums and no more. BARR = Brendan Fowler (x Dogg & Pony) - possibly the most positive man on the planet - speaking and rhyming over beats, channeling a dozen characters, twisting rhythms and taking crazed poetic tangents. Hawnay Troof is the alter-ego of xBxRx frontman Chris Touchton aka Vice Cooler - Miami booty bass beats with awesome outfits and dance moves. Hey Willpower are a R&B + dance party duo from San Francisco featuring members of Imperial Teen and Tomo. <-> MON 11/21 @ GLASSHOUSE <-> :: Matt & Kim --------------> :::: BARR ------------------> :::::: Hawnay Troof ------> :::::::: Hey Willpower ----> [ GLASSHOUSE GALLERY ] 38 S 1st btwn Wythe & Kent | Williamsburg, Brooklyn | L-Bedford/G-Metropolitan/JM-Marcy | 8PM | all ages | $8 - donation


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