Thursday, December 08, 2005


oh my god, look at how cute zipco is. i was floored. last night was the d4d auction--"no sleep til albany." it was a serious success. the people who came through for d4d really went way way above and beyond the call of duty. porter took a whole day renting a truck and running around picking up art, sam, pam and leah all worked at the show, 3 hrs before the event tod agreed to come be the photographer in a pinch, maureen & alicia kicked ass, wes & orson came through two nights this week to hang art and work the event, and a bunch of friends came, including my mom! thanks for being so amazing everyone. TONIGHT! FRIDAY! ROJO MAG RELEASE PARTY AT STAY GOLD. FREE BEER. MATT & KIM PLAYING. $6. Stay Gold Gallery | 451 Grand St. | Brooklyn, NY | 718-599-7778 |


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