Tuesday, July 11, 2006


SEND OUR HOPES DOWN THE RIVER The Miss Rockaway Armada Art Auction
New York (July 6, 2006) - The Miss Rockaway Armada will host a benefit silent art auction in New York City called Send Our Hopes Down the River on the evening of July 13th, 2006 at 7pm at the Holasek-Weir Projects. The group is calling on artists and art enthusiasts for their support to send this scrap-raft flotilla down the Mississippi River in July and August. Funds are needed for motors, fuel, nautical equipment and transportation. The silent auction will feature work from dozens of artists, including: * Banksy * Shepard Fairey * Swoon * ESPO * Faile * The Barnstormers * Blek Le Rat * Logan Hicks * Chris Stain * WK * Leon Reid (Darius Jones) * Eine * Dennis Mcnett * Matthew Modine The Armada project was conceived by street artist Swoon, and is now being built and organized by a collective of 25 artists, performers and activists from New York, San Francisco and Seattle. The Armada enjoys support from the Holasek-Weir Projects, the Wooster Collective and the Barnstormers art collective, who will donate a larger-than-life sound system sculpture that will float down the river. Send Our Hopes Down the River is presented in collaboration with Emergency Arts and Conjunction Arts, two organizations dedicated to promoting art with a social conscience. The event will feature a life-sized pontoon raft-stage, a skeptics’ raffle, performances by members of the Miss Rockaway Armada crew, and some exciting surprises. Select items can be previewed on woostercollective.com preceding the benefit. Bidding ends promptly at 9pm. The Miss Rockaway Armada includes members of the Toyshop Collective, Visual Resistance, The Amateurs, The Floating Neutrinos, The Infernal Noise Brigade, The Madagascar Institute and the Rude Mechanical Orchestra. This July they will converge in Minneapolis to construct a flotilla of rafts that will journey down the Mississippi River. The group is creating a mobile cultural center that embodies their search for creative and sustainable ways of living. www.missrockaway.org For information on this event and The Miss Rockaway Armada, contact A’yen Tran ayen[@]missrockaway.org. The Holasek-Weir Projects is located at 547 W. 21st near 11th Ave. in Chelsea.


Blogger Ned Vizzini said...

i think i am going to this gawker thing... i don't get out all that much anymore, i'm in Teaching Fellows, but it sounds like an excellent river ride will you be on it for the duration?

7/12/2006 12:22:00 AM  
Blogger Antlers said...

i will! i'm psyched.

the auction went really well too!

7/14/2006 12:05:00 PM  

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