Wednesday, August 23, 2006


So we're in Winona, Minnesota. People here are rad. Last night we had a show and tons of folks came. I mistakenly bought a blanket from a thrift that upon paying, I realized was one of those pro-life centers for young women to be shamed out of having abortions where they can learn about god and not go to college. It's called Grace Place. Yech. I've been making zines of the Jane abortion service in Chicago available. Anyway, last night I wore antlers! real antlers! in our show! Someone dumpstered four pairs of them. Oh hell yeah. Coming home soon. What a crazy ass trip this is. A few nights ago a guy from La Crosse drunk dialed me at 2am to say La Crosse, Wisconsin is the place to be and that he was a big man around town. Awesome.


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