Sunday, October 15, 2006


HISHAM PLAYING THIS WEEK! *Whitney Museum of American Art at Altria *Address: 120 Park Avenue at 42nd Street New York, NY 10017 *For more info call (917) 663-2551 *Breakout Session: Artists Event Series *LOVELY DAZE ISSUE 3: When I Am Alone, Everything Is So Surreal *Book Launch and Performances *Wednesday, October 18 6:30-9:30pm *Admission and Reception are FREE. *Lovely Daze is a collection of artists writings and artwork published twice a year in limited editions by artist Charwei Tsai. *The book launch event features 3 performances: *EUD by Lizzi Bougatsos and Sadie Laska *Soft Circle by Hisham Bharoocha *Moving Contact by Julien Asfour *Contributors: Rita Ackermann, AA Bronson, Kelly Carmena, Santiago Cucullu, David Kennedy-Cutler, Andrea Galvani, N.S. Harsha, Federico Herrero, James Hoff, Jungil Hong, Lee Mingwei, Justin Lowe, Lesley Ma, Jean-Lou Majerus, Cristina Rodriguez, Julian Seidl, Sabrina Shaffer, Eyeam Soreel, and Su-Mei Tse. *Breakout Sessions *This series reflects the diverse ways in which contemporary artists engage and present visual culture. As a departure from conventional formats, Breakout Sessions invites artists to present work, performances, and ideas that comprise the constellation of influences informing their overall creative practice. Promoting an "open studio" format, the series provides rare access to artists' visual inspirations ranging from works of fellow artists to interdisciplinary elements of pop culture. NOTE: Altria is a big cigarette conglomerate and it totally bums me out to have to go see rad art in the context of place named for a giant corporation that makes cancer sticks. Altria gives money to the arts and programs to protect women from domestic violence, but it's always a bit of a mindfuck to know where the blood money's coming from.


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