Sunday, October 15, 2006


(pic of our raft, dry-docked for the winter) Jeff is doing these cool interviews at bluestockings Wednesday. You should come. [says nonsensenyc:] Where Have You Been? Stories about travel and far-away places. New Yorkers go all over the world but the city has a way of swallowing their homecomings. Orbit the earth and your friends just ask if you missed the pizza. Tonight offers a chance for travelers to tell stories, to bring the world home, and to share it with the rest of us -- travelers as well as those of us who don't get out much. Featuring interviews with three intrepids: Ida Benedetto tells us what happened when she introduced Guatemalan coffee farmers to a tea collective in Darjeeling, India; Tod Seelie remembers getting kidnapped in Brazil; and Steve Duncan takes us underneath Minneapolis on an urban exploration vacation. Interviews by Jeff Stark. Gorgeous slideshows tightly edited and mercifully short. Bluestockings Bookstore 172 Allen Street, Manhattan 7-8:30p; $5 suggested donation NOTE: Our friends are always running here and there, and we never get a chance to really hear about their trips. Our hope is that this series allows for a little more conversation about what some fascinating people are doing with their lives.


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