Monday, November 20, 2006


Uncle Zapata

Uncle Zapata

UNCLE SAM WANTS YOU TO STAND IN SOLIDARITY WITH THE PEOPLE OF OAXACA (Troy, NY) November 20, 2006 Who: Concerned People's of Troy and the Tio Zapata Brigada Where: The Uncle Sam Monument, River and Front Street, Troy, NY What: Uncle Sam, a false icon of freedom and democracy was an excellent monument to makeover in an attempt to raise awareness about the peoples rebellion in Oaxaca, Mexico. In solidarity with the peoples of Mexico and on the anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, N20, Uncle Sam choose to honor a real hero of freedom, Emiliano Zapata, by dressing up in his iconic garb. HE WANTS YOU to take action in support of the people's popular movement in Oaxaca and mount pressure to end the State supported violence against the people. (The following "Why" was taken from the press release of Friends of Brad Will and New School students, including members of Direct Action Networking Collective.) Why: On November 20th, allies of the EZLN will shut down Mexico in a general strike in protest of repression and recent murders in Oaxaca. For the past six months, the people of Oaxaca have staged an encampment and led a social movement to oust their governor, Ulises Ruiz and have faced arrests, attacks, and killings by paramilitary groups connected to the PRI government of Oaxaca. After the murders on October 27th (including that of New York journalist, Brad Will) federal police moved into Oaxaca and attacked the people's encampment and the University. Oaxaca students, teachers, and APPO are resisting the police attacks, and on Monday, students and activists are demanding the removal of police forces, the removal of the illegitimate governor Ulises Ruiz, and the recognition of APPO's (People's Popular Assembly of Oaxaca) right to form their own direct democracy. FOR MORE INFO ON THE SITUATION:
By Tio Zapata Brigada


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