Friday, December 15, 2006


Wooster on Spring Three-day street art mega-installation. The Candle Building on 11 Spring Street in lower Manhattan has been an ever-changing and evolving canvas for graffiti and street artists from around the world for decades. The new owners of the building have decided to respect and celebrate the history of 11 Spring by allowing artists to create work inside on all five floors, as well as the exterior. They enlisted the help of Marc and Sara Schiller of Wooster Collective, who have rounded up artists from around the globe for the event. Artists have spent the past weeks creating work on all five floors and the exterior. The artists whose work will be showcased include Shepard Fairey, WK, Jace, Swoon, David Ellis, FAILE, Cycle, Lady Pink, London Police, Prune, JR, Speto, D*Face, JMR, Blek Le Rat, John Fekner, Bo and Microbo, Above, BAST, Momo, Howard Goldkrand, Borf, Gaetane Michaux, Skewville, Michael DeFeo, Will Barras, Kelly Burns, Abe Lincoln, Jr, Thubdercut, Judith Supine, Rekal, Maya Hayuk, Anthony Lister, Stikman, You Are Beautiful, Gore-B, Elboe-Toe, MCA, Jasmine Zimmerman, Plasma Slugs, Diego, RIPO, The Graffiti Research Lab, Txtual Healing, Mark Jenkins, Dan Witz, Iminendisaster, Rene Gagnon, and many other surprise guests. The exhibition will take place for three days only after which the building will be turned into condos. The interior work will be entombed and the exterior blasted clean. Also, don't forget that the SoundLab will be placing "Sonic Tags" inside 11 Spring, so if you are in the area set you from Dec 15-17 set you transmission frequency modulation to 100.1 All weekend long we Soundlab will be broadcasting sounds live at the event. Don't forget that we need you to help us make up the soundsystem. Dig out your Boomboxes and handheld transistors; tune when at the building to 100.1 on the FM dial. Panel discussion at 3p on Sunday. 11 Spring, Manhattan 11a-5p; $free Continues SATURDAY and SUNDAY 11a-5p


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