Monday, December 11, 2006


Where Have You Been? Stories about travel and far-away places. New Yorkers go all over the world but the city has a way of swallowing their homecomings. Orbit the earth and your friends just ask if you missed the pizza. Tonight offers a chance for travelers to tell stories, to bring the world home, and to share it -- with travelers as well as those of us who don't get out much. Featuring interviews with three intrepids: Circus composer Sxip Shirey explains the difference between touring islands in NorthernScotland and hitting the road with the Dresden Dolls; activist Dyan Neary went to Oaxaca, Mexico, in search of the paramilitary thugs who killed Brad Will; and DJ, promoter, and New Release publisher Justin Carter was carjacked in Los Angeles. Interviews by Jeff Stark. Gorgeous slideshows tightly edited and mercifully short. Bluestockings Bookstore 172 Allen Street, Manhattan Monday, December 11 7-8:30p; $5 suggested


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