Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Andre Anderson's mother gave a wonderful impassioned speech at the end of the ride. Noah Budnick is behind her. He also spoke (he is a great speaker). A plaque for all the unreported bike deaths. Nuckel speaking at Eric Ng's memorial. Through this experience of losing someone so close to the community recently, Erc's friends have pulled together and remembered Eric in resistance. Nuckel's speech at the ride and at Eric's memorial ride have been heartwrenching and empowering. He's really an amazing organizer and member of this community. Rachel in a bike lift on 9th ave. Rachel helped organize the ride and is an awesome Time's Up organizer. Bronx Jon's ghost bike in Williamsburg at S.4 and Roebling, a site tons of cyclists pass by every day, including me. This cyclist was an active member in the messenger community and is missed terribly by his loved ones and friends. hanging bikes with wings above the ghost bike at Kevin Powell's memorial site. Mr. Powell's murderers have not yet been found.


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