Thursday, December 29, 2005


wow, this will be seriously awesome. >13th The Smell ( in Downtown LA with Killer Dreamer and Can Of Beans >14th SF, CA Hemlock Tavern on Polk Valentines Day party >15th Oakland, CA 818 Pine St. >16th Bakersfield, The Old Gym >18th Flagstaff, AZ (Johny from JETOMI is still booking this) >19th Albuquerque, NM at the Exxon Valdeze house 225 High ST. >20th OKC, OK at the Conservatory >21st Denton, TX Rubber Gloves >22nd Dallas at the Cavern and Ft Worth early show at 1919 Hemphill >24th Austin, TX House party with Matt and Kim (Jessie Tuxedo Killers is setting this up) >25th San Antonio, TX Wiggle room >26th New Orleans, LA (Ashley from Sexy is still setting this up) >27th Mobile, AL at the Pikle Fish >28th Pensacola, FL Sluggo's >1st Gainesville, FL at the Ark Wherehouse >2nd Charleston, SC at Andrew B's House on Cool Blow St. >3rd Athens, GA Transmet (Ian Pillow Fort is still setting this up) >4th Richmond, VA at the Hollywood Bar and Grill >6th or 5th Baltimore Whiskey Pooch and MICA - and...... matt & kim shows! FUCKIN tight! wednesday 12/28 @ Once.Twice:Sound 8pm 519 North Charles Street , baltimore, MD Matt & Kim The Urxed (unconfirmed local) Hosted by Rabbit Foot & (whatever Beau is calling himself this week). 410-244-7373 Friday 12/30 coming soon.... so yes, we are waiting for info on this show! in pittsburgh, PA with Japanther and the urxed NEW YEAR'S EVE @ TOWN HALL PUB 9pm 5 bucks! 3340 n. halsted , chicago with japanther the urxed there will be $2 point pints and $5 strong islands (what the fuck is a strong island?) there will be shirtlessness, happiness and debauchery as well says ryan! Monday JAN 02/2006 @The Hater house 7pm 312 Dutton between park and rose, Kalamazoo, MI FREE with Urxed


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