Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I just got this email from Justseeds. With the collapse of clamor magazine's infoshop, everyone from leftturn, justseeds and spread were totally screwed and lost all their distro and huge chunks of money. I know that Josh MacPhee lost about $10,000. I've just gotten this note from him below that they have raised $8,056.84 to recover some of that debt incurred by Clamor's bankruptcy, that an artist doing a service to our community has been saddled with. I'm so glad people have pulled together to help keep this art available and right this terrible situation. Right now they seem to be just under $2000 short--so close to the $10,000 that needs to be recovered. So, I wanted to tell you how to give, and recommend you do it too. Just visit: Thanks to everyone who has given to help a small art institution in peril. Hello Everyone- First, I want to send out a giant thank you for the overwhelming level of support people have shown over the past couple weeks! Everyone has been so generous with their time, ideas and money. In the 3 weeks since my last email, I have raised $8056.84 to cover a significant portion of the debt dumped on Justseeds. It's been amazing to have so many people offer help, and enlightening to realize how few places there are to get interesting, intelligent and political art. Also in the past 3 weeks, me and several other artists have put into motion a plan to relaunch a better and stronger Justseeds sometime in March. A dozen artists have banded together to convert Justseeds into an artist/worker owned and operated collective. The new Justseeds headquarters will be based in Portland, OR and largely run by two artists that have had art available on Justseeds before, Icky A. and Pete Yahnke. We will be doing our own order fulfillment out of a space owned by one of the collective members so the means of distribution will be in our own hands rather than in the hands of a possibly unreliable third party. Additionally, we will be launching a new website which will have new features making it a destination for information and dialogue as well as shopping. I will not be sending many more Justseeds email updates until we launch the new justseeds site. Keep an eye out for the launch! Thanks again for all your support during this difficult period. Your support made it possible to continue justseeds. Wishing you all the best in the new year. Solidarity, Josh


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