Saturday, December 31, 2005


joey! congrats! now everybody get ready for some fucking crazy new year's eve action. tonight i will drink miller high life and andre champagne . champagne of beers and beer of champagnes. here are some parties: NYE Cut Loft Part in Williamsburg, BK, FREE. we're throwing down on new years eve at our new place you're invited. CUT NYE LOFT PARTY THROW DOWN DANCE PARTY DJ's: The Captain (Cut, Dirty Down) Star Eyes (The Syrup Girls) Drop The Lime (Tigerbeat 6 records, Broklyn Beats) Tha Pumpsta (Kill Whitie) Andy Pry (Phys Ed, Cockfights) so the address is 400 S. 2nd St. apt. 201 between Union and Hooper Brooklyn Lorimer Stop on the L, 5 minute walk to the apt. 10 pm - "hey what was your name again?" cost: FREE you just have to bring some booze or you cant come in. this way there will be a good amount of liquor for everyone to have, and no one will leave because it costs money or we ran out of booze. which wont happen, and if you dont bring booze, then you have to pay money, U.S. money. like $10 maybe if you bring Patrick cookies or ice cream, he'll sneak you in. REPOST REPOST REPOST there will be lots of drinking, raving, sidekick text messaging, borehollereing, owlhollering, lofthollering, cuthollering, yelling of the phrase yeah son!, foot stomping, fist pumping antics, jumping jack pogo style dancing, talking about the good old days of hardcore or the good old days of raves: depending on who you are. and making out, duh. maybe even getting to 2nd base on the dancefloor! ---------------- XXXXX NEW YEAR'S EVE XXXXX Rubulad presents A Good Old Fashioned New Years Loft Party With live music by Lycon Pictus, Dufus, Paprika, and Fur Cups for Teeth. Plus DJs Shotnez, Reaganomics, Li'l Shalamar. And on the cabaret stage: Yersey Turtle the Colonel, Sub-Zero Permafrost, Stevhen Iancu (of the Dolomites), Power Circus, DJ Aaroneous, Mary-Go- Round, John Joyce, and the Incredible Kelvin Daly. Delicious treats by Brownie Points. Fabulous food. Light Circus by Norm Francouer. Our religious fundamentalist neighbors are up in arms about our existence. Please try to be quiet when coming and going and avoid Taffee Street. Please do everyone a favor and hang out inside the space or in the roof / courtyard areas. Thanks very much for your help with this. Rubulad Home Base 338 Flushing Avenue, between Classon and Taffee, Brooklyn G train to Flushing or Classon stations, J,M,Z to Marcy, B61 bus to Flushing 10p; $15 ***** Also on NEW YEAR'S EVE ***** New Release and Re:Up present: A Good Old Fashioned New Years Loft Party New Release is doing its first party at Asterisk in quite a while, welcoming 2006 with Re:Up, a plethora of dope bands and DJs, and racks upon racks of all the beer you can drink. Ringing in the New Year at the stroke are KUDU, nublu's big, dark, disco-death-diva act, who at this point can safely be considered a next-big-thing band. Boston band, Certainly, Sir, balances out KUDU's sound perfectly, with a lighter electro-pop rooted in funky, modulated synth-bass. Langhorne Slim enters the bill out of left field with his punky Americana that somehow inspires uncontrollable dancing. Roy Dank and Brennan Green of Pop Your Funk also inspire the cutting of rugs, playing filthy dance music that's best suited to a pitch black room at two in the morning while you're very inebriated. Luckily, they go on in the black back room of Asterisk at right about that time, and there's free beer for the whole night. To top it off Six8, Cocoa Cracker Brown, Kenosha, and Ben Butler spin throughout the evening. KUDU plays at 11.30p. Certainly, Sir plays at 12.30a. Langhorne Slim at plays 1.30a. DJs Brennan Green, Roy Dank, Ben Butler, Kenosha, Six8, and Cocoa Cracker Brown spin until 11a in two rooms. Asterisk 258 Johnson Avenue, between Bushwick and White, Brooklyn L train to Montrose station 11p–11a; $20 at the door, $15 with rsvp, includes free beer all night ***reposted from nonsensenyc


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